1.About "crazy hair loss period"

In the first 8 weeks of using AGA, hair loss may increase. This is a normal phenomenon for the drug to take effect. It is a process for the effective ingredients to accelerate the recovery and repair of hair follicles in the declining period, and promote the regeneration of new hair without worrying too much.

2.Hair loss caused by radiotherapy, chemotherapy and drugs

AGA may not have significant effect on this type of hair loss, and the effective ingredients of AGA are not for this particular type of hair loss

3.About oral finasteride

If you are already taking finasteride, like "Propecia", to treat hair loss, you can stop taking it after starting to use AGA, because AGA already contains anti-DHT ingredients for external use. You can also continue to take it to increase DHT inhibition.

4.About AGA efficacy

Although AGA has taken specific formulas according to different types and different stages of alopecia patients, the difference of individual constitution is still large, so the observed effective time is also different. Some patients have significant effect in about 2 months, some patients need about 6 months to achieve similar effect. Statistically, 95% of patients had effective results after using AGA. Sticking to the use is the only way to see the effect, at least 3 months of use is necessary.

5.About interrupted use

If you interrupt or stop using AGA for some special reason, you can still start a new treatment, but the previous treatment may be zero due to your interruption

6.About ineffective patients

There are very few patients with atypical hair loss who follow the treatment rules but have no effect in the AGA-treated population. and IAARI promises to refund 100% of such patients with ineffective AGA. (for refund rules and methods, please refer to website iaari.org / agahrt.com, or consult the agent)

7.About maintaining

For the patients who have achieved remarkable curative effect and regained abundant hair, the maintenance of later period can not be ignored, because the hurt of DHT and the aging of hair follicle will not disappear. It is recommended to continue to use AGA-keep or AGA-keep shampoo for maintenance.

8.What's the difference between AGA PRO/BASIC/KEEP/WOMEN/M

AGA pro: The most effective hair regrowth treatment products. It is mainly used in the stage of serious hair loss or severe alopecia degree.

AGA basic: Basic hair regrowth treatment products. It is mainly used in the stage of moderate hair loss or moderate alopecia degree.

AGA keep: Maintenance type hair regrowth treatment products. It is mainly used in the stage of mild hair loss and maintenance.

AGA women: Female specific hair regrowth treatment products. Mainly for women at different stages of hair loss.

AGA m: Single ingredient hair regrowth treatment products. It is mainly used in mild hair loss stage and maintenance stage or in combination with oral anti-DHT drugs.

9.What is the shelf life of AGA products?

The shelf life of AGA series products is 36 months.

10.What type of shampoo should I use?

You can follow your normal hair care routine when using AGA products. we recommend the use of a mild, gentle shampoo.

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